At Wivenhoe Butchers, we pride ourselves on quality. We source only the best, locally produced Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Sourdough, Eggs, Dairy and more. All butchered to specification in house by our small friendly team.


Derek Kelly Beef

We choose our cattle carefully, the Little Black Angus were chosen for flavour and texture. It’s just the start of what makes us different.

Our cows are grass-fed and live as nature intended, on pastures and meadows. Our cattle are grown to maturity, free to roam in pastures and meadows this allows them to develop a layer of natural fat that increases the flavour and succulence.

Because we dry hang our beef for 28 days, you can rest assured that Derek Kelly Beef is not only aged to perfection but tastes great and is tender too.

R & K Thornby

R & K Thornby operates from Sunnyside Farm, Kent. They specialise in farming Sussex cattle and have a large herd on the beautiful Kent countryside.

Turncole Farm

Edward Hull and family, operate Turncole  Farm at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex. They farm sheep, cattle and cereal crops.


Wick Farm

At Wick Farm Wholesale Meats we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality traditional produce.

With top quality lamb and beef from our own farm, we provide our customers with the finest local produce, cut and prepared to thier own specifications.We also supply a wide range of other meats including pork, poultry and sausages all year round.

Turncole Farm

Edward Hull and family, operate Turncole  Farm at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex. They farm sheep, cattle and cereal crops.


Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo chickens are lovingly reared in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, across 40 acres of meadows. We rear the chickens slowly, to the highest welfare standards and use traditional free range farming methods, to give you a chicken like it used to taste.  Our mission is to rear a truly free range chicken with constant access to the outdoors, sunshine and plenty of room to roam on natural grassland.

Springate Farm

KellyBronze started back in 1981, supplying the best bronze turkey’s. Bred to be wild KellyBronze turkey’s are hand reared and completely free range!

Our free-range stocking density is 500 per acre vs. an average of 16,000 per acre in commercial turkey barns. Because of this our birds live as nature intended, with lots of exercise and a natural diet of corn, soya and foraging. A KellyBronze has flavour, texture and produces it’s own gravy.


Blythburgh Free Range Pork

A Blythburgh pig is born in a straw filled farrowing hut located on the sandy earth of the Suffolk heritage coast. Its mother has a free range life style with the choice of being outside if it sunbathing weather or staying inside if it’s raining. Really being free range is as simple as that really, it’s giving the pig the freedom to choose to go outside or not.

At Blythburgh it’s simple, our pigs are truly free range, it’s our mission to give our pigs a life worth living and we think that’s worth shouting about!


Black Cat Bakes

Made fresh in Wivenhoe daily. Black Cat Bakes is a artisan baker specialising in sourdough, from loaves to sourdough-nuts!